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Section A: Introduction to Relational Horsemanship

Welcome to Relational Horsemanship with Josh Nichol!
The Heart Behind Relational Horsemanship
Information about Login, Dashboad, Lessons, and Extra Resources
Options for Online Mentorship with JN Advanced Instructors and Single Purchase Virtual Lessons
Acknowledgment of Risk and Release of Liability
The Human Factor: Great Relationships Begin Within
The Beginnings and Development of Relational Horsemanship
The Importance of a Conscious Life Philosophy
Is your perspective promoting growth or more struggle?
Why a principle-based approach to Relational Horsemanship?
Understanding Emotional (Reactive), Mechanical, Relational Horsemanship
Key Ideas & Philosophy: A Principle-Based Approach to Horsemanship
Navigating Human Self-Presevation and How to Show Up With Horses
Exploring the Relationship Between the Inner and Outer Worlds of Horses and People
Gaining Credibility and Becoming an Asset in Your Horse’s Eyes
Equine Expo Lecture: What Your Horse Wished You Knew
React & Retract (Formerly known as “Level 1”)
Reflect & Relax (Formerly known as “Level 2”)
Respond & Release (Formerly known as “Level 3”)
React, Reflect, & Respond Under Pressure
Think Like a Horse: Understanding Your Horse’s Perspective
An Introduction to Mind, Space & Pressure
How does a horse read your energy?
Examples of the Three Core Needs: Mind, Space and Pressure
Understanding Mind Horses
Working the Mind Horse at Liberty
Working the Mind Horse in the Halter
Understanding Space Horses
Working the Space Horse at Liberty
Working the Space Horse on the Halter
Understanding Pressure Horses
Working the Pressure Horse at Liberty
Working the Pressure Horse in the Halter
Is your horse a mind, space, or pressure horse?
Promoting Dialogue: How to Communicate Effectively With Your Horse

  • Talking to the Horse’s Body Using a Soft Feel
  • Softness vs. Lightness
  • How do we use energy with horses?
  • Understanding the progression of a question (Thought, Intention, Presentation, Aid)
  • Draw – Move – Praise – Acceptance
  • How to Prepare Your Horse for Specific Tasks
  • Trailer Loading (Part 1)
  • Starting Where the Horse is at Today (Part 1)
Section B: Leadership & Authentic Connection
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