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Overcoming Fear: The Power Of Facing What Scares Us
& Finding Freedom With Horses
Mini Course With Josh Nichol

We have all experienced fear at some point in our horsemanship journey and for many of us this fear can hold us back from the life we dream of. But how can we overcome fear and still honour the very real reasons why we are afraid in the first place? In this course, I take you through the process of understanding why we have fear, how it affects us and the steps we can take to overcome it and lead the life we desire! Included with this course is a downloadable E-workbook companion for you to deepen your learning and apply your knowledge to your unique horsemanship journey!

This online mini course runs Feb 14, 16, 21, and 23rd!
Sessions will be recorded and available for participants who are not able to attend a session.
All sessions start at 7pm MST and run for approximately an hour.


Course Outline

Feb 14 – Session 1: Why Am I Afraid? Exploring How Fear Shows Up For Us and How To See It Differently

Feb 16 – Session 2: Scared Stiff – Working With Our Bodies to Overcome Fear

Feb 21 – Session 3: The Action Plan – Josh’s Process for Activating New Ways of Thinking and Turning Fears into Opportunities for Growth

Feb 23 – Session 4: Live Q&A – Bring your questions and get insights directly from Josh!


What Does This Course Include?

  • 4 Live Online Sessions with Josh Nichol including a live Q&A!
  • Downloadable E-Workbook PDF to apply your learning and dig deeper into the process
  • 1 Year access to the mini course content

This 4-part course is open to everyone! We hope that the tools you learn here will empower you to integrate your new awareness and learning into your life!

Mini Course runs Feb 14, 16, 21, and 23rd!
Sessions are 1 hour each and start at 7pm MST.

Price is $150 for Master Course Members and $200 for Non-Members. (+ tax for Canadian buyers). Members, please check your email for your discount code.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Overcoming Fear Course - LIVE
CAD $200.00
CAD $200.00