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Empowered by Pressure

You are one step away from joining Josh on this 4 part series. We are excited to share the process that Josh uses personally in life and horsemanship! Sign up below.

In this course, I will open up about my own personal process in working under pressure. I will share what has changed my life and allowed me to look at pressure differently, turning a self preserving, guarded response into a response that retains and builds relationships for both myself and my horses. We will also go through the principles that I use in my daily life and the ones I use with my horses! –Josh Nichol

Course Breakdown

All sessions are recorded, and you will be provided with login credentials so that you can access them on your own schedule.

Session 1 – Josh’s Story
In our first session together I will share how my response to pressure has changed over the years. I talk about how I used to respond and the impacts it had on my life and my horses.

Session 2 – Understanding the System
In our second session I will share my thoughts on how and why we look at pressure the way we do, how it serves us and what it is for! With a better understanding of our body’s response we can start using that system to our advantage instead of a disadvantage.

Session 3 – Developing a Proactive Awareness for Both Yourself and Your Horse
With a deeper understanding of why you have experienced pressure the way you have and a knowledge of the system within our bodies it’s time to use that in a positive way to deepen your connection with life! This has been one of the most impacting changes I have ever made. As we begin to give our bodies a new way to process, our lives change because we are now making new decisions and action plans.

Session 4 – The Empowered Mind and Q & A
With knowledge and a proactive approach to life we now have the ability to be empowered mentally to not just make different decisions but to transform our base of thinking. I have certain habits and exercises that I have learned and teach my horses to build depth and preparation within myself and my horses. Here I will share that with you and we will conclude with a Q&A.

I am so excited to share my journey with you and the process I have learned that has truly changed my life, the lives of many of my students and thousands of horses. If you are keen to share in these changes follow the link below and save your seat at the table!


The cost of this course is $197 (+ tax for Canadian buyers).

Empowered By Pressure Course - RECORDINGS
CAD $197.00
CAD $197.00