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Embracing Challenge:
Exploring Peace, Energy and Balance Under Pressure – RECORDINGS

with Jane Pike and Josh Nichol

So often we confuse being “regulated” with a need to do less; to back away, to disengage, to remove ourselves from the world to maintain the state we are striving for. In this workshop, we explore what it means to be regulated but still actively engaged. The theory and practice of maintaining the middle ground whilst continuing to chase your dreams and follow the things that you love.

What does it mean to be regulated? How do we maintain a sense of harmony when life is pulling us in multiple directions? How can we balance the energies needed to be a good partner for our horses, whilst still being active and present?

Josh and Jane will walk you through techniques that will help you maintain a calm state, recognize what is happening in your body, and enable you to go out and do life without being in a dysregulated state!

True nervous system regulation and adaptability allows you to find a state of being that is expansive, not reductive. It allows you to show up for the things that are important to you in fuller and richer ways, helping you develop not only a clearer sense of self independently, but also a clearer sense of self in relationship; to your horse, those you love, and the world around you.

This online course runs Nov 28, Nov 30, Dec 5, and Dec 7th!
Sessions will be recorded and available for participants who are not able to attend a session.
All sessions start at 7pm MST and run for approximately an hour.

Course Outline

Part 1 – Honouring The struggle:
Finding Center & Building A Plan That Works For You.
Finding where you are in the spectrum of staying in your comfort zone, pushing your edges, and becoming overfaced, is incredibly helpful for building a strategy on how you can honour your current reality. You will learn where you feel empowered in life already, what areas you are struggling in and begin building a plan to reach your dreams, goals and desires! In the first part of this course we will go deeper into what it means to be living in green, yellow, and red and how combining our skills from each can create gold!

Part 2 – Exploring The Practical:
Grounding & Centering Techniques
In part two we will explore stepping into the yellow zone. We will share mental, physical and energetic techniques to support success for both horse and human in stepping into more challenging environments.

Part 3 – Putting It Into Practice
Accessing Your New Skills Under Pressure
When we put the work into practice, we get to see where we need to work on things. We will show you how you can prepare yourself ahead of time before going into challenging situations. Learn techniques to mentor release in your horse and yourself through pressure instead of away from pressure.

Part 4 – Q&A
In this session we will be answering your questions on the concepts expressed in this course!

We are excited to share these skills with you and hope that you will leave this course feeling more grounded and empowered in the integration of your new awareness!

This 4-part course is open to everyone! We hope that the tools you learn here will empower you to integrate your new awareness and learning into your life!

Sessions are 1 hour each. All sessions are recorded, and you will be provided with login credentials so that you can access them on your own schedule.

Embracing Challenge: Exploring Peace, Energy and Balance Under Pressure - with Jane Pike and Josh Nichol (RECORDINGS)
CAD $275.00
CAD $275.00